Hey guys, so to my surprise people actually asked about my next blog post. Apparently, it seemed like a one-hit-wonder sort of thing.

My intention with this post is not to appear sexist or offend either gender or discriminate, as it is about girls, cars and well car “stuff”. Forgive me if you are fluent in car because this is then not for you. Though apparently a girl who can speak cars’ score automatically increases (see what I did there). But this isn’t about that sort of “car talk”.

So this is how it all began, a few Sundays ago a friend and I decided to take a drive to Bloubergstrand so I could improve my what-at-the-time was “dodgy driving”, on quiet roads.  To my dismay the car refused to start. So we came to the conclusion it had to be the battery that was flat. Being determined on going for this drive, we decided we would jumpstart the car ourselves. We had both watched it being done before, my dad attempted to teach me once, but just as my mother refuses to let me near her food blender, my dad refuses to let me near the cars bonnet. (I’m not exactly sure why). So seeing as neither of us had the adequate knowledge on how to do this, we decided we would youtube it.  

But before we were able to even let the video buffer, my sister (back in Lydenburg), had her  mechanic friend here, drive over to take a look for himself, (apparently my knowledge on cars is questionable). Good thing too, as it turned out that there was nothing wrong with the battery but instead the ignition was broken and needed to be replaced. I did however learn to start a car without using the key, useful for car theft apparently……… I will not go into this…….

So seeing as the school syllabus decided to use 12 years of our lives “learning” life orientation basically so we could “say no to drugs” (especially if this scenario was at a party where your hypothetical best friend was getting drunk), instead of teaching us how to change a cars tyre, or jumpstarting a car, I have decided to include a step by step guide to doing the above. Hopefully in a language, understood by most of you


 I have also added pictures at the end to assist you.


Basically you would need to do this if you turned the car on and nothing happens. This is usually done on automatics because manual cars can be push started.

First understand the principle of jumpstarting a car. You are basically transferring current from a STRONG source to a WEAKER source, by means of connecting wire. This gives it a surge of energy.


 Find the battery: so you will be looking for a square box like apparatus, usually in the bonnet with a positive (+) and negative (-) terminal at each end. To make things easier, they are often marked BLACK (for negative) and RED (for positive). If the car is a Japanese make, the box is likely to be found towards the passenger side of the vehicle (more to the front end). It should say 12V somewhere on it, because all cars should only be operated by such a battery.


Make sure you have a working car nearby and a set of jumper cables. Park the working car close enough to the “dead” car. Make sure both ignitions are switched off.


Using your jumper cables (these are large copper clips, connected by runner tubing), attach the positive (RED) terminal from the strong battery to the positive (RED) terminal on the weak battery. (The positive live car to the positive dead car).

Then attach the negative (BLACK) terminal from the strong battery to the weak terminal of the negative (BLACK) weak battery. (Negative live car to negative dead car)


Now, turn the ignition of the dead car and wait for the surge of power. Both cars remain on during this procedure.

To remove the cables, BE CAREFUL. The best way of doing this is to remove one wire from each cars battery. First remove the negative wire from the “dead” car then the negative wire from the “live” car. (so black and black). Then do the same for the positives. DO NOT do both on one battery.  


  • Make sure your car is not under warranty, because most manufacturers void the warranty once the car has been jump started (bet you didn’t know that from LO)
  • DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT allow the positives to touch the negatives – you will have a SHOCKING reminder not to let that happen again.
  • Remember when putting the cables on, do the positives first and when taking them off, do the negatives first.



So now for the hard part…….. HOW TO CHANGE A CARS TYRE

I would have loved to include a video but due to time constraints I was not able to.

If you think you have a puncture, pull over onto a safe relatively flat surface and switch the car off. (handbrake up, car in neutral).


Loosen the wheelnuts, by turning them left. Use a wheel brace aka spanner. Do not remove, just loosen them.


Find a hard, sturdy area underneath the car, to place the jack. This area should be solid enough to support the weight of the car. Slowly jack up the car until the wheel is lifted off the ground.


Now remove the wheelnuts which you loosened in step 1.


Place the spare wheel (usually located in the boot) on to the car, and make sure the wheel is now straight.


Put the wheelnuts which you removed in step 4 back on and tighten them as tight as possible. Also make sure that while doing this the sparewheel you just placed is even.


Lower the car slowly back to the ground.


Use the spanner to tighten the wheelnuts as tight as possible. Remove the jack and the spanner.


  • Do not jack the car up too high, it should be high enough to take the tyres of and replace it.
  • Put the tyre underneath the one that you are replacing in case the jack slips.
  • Sit on the floor it is easier to align the new tyre.


So the good news is that you now have the knowledge and theory to jumpstart a car and change a cars tyre. The bad news, is that you probably not going to look as hot as Megan Fox in Transformers or Rihanna in “shut up and drive” (this is subject to opinion).

Till next time…….. DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!!!



 I will not be held liable for any damages occurring due to this blog.

Use at your own risk!




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