Putting the “eEp” in “deep”

Is it just me or does everyone get annoyed by soppy photographs and tweets that make a weak attempt at sounding deep, but comes across as completely pointless?

If I seem to be ranting, let me explain.

I often come across these pictures (often display pictures) of random strangers embraced in a corny pose with some “profound”/supposedly ”profound” error filled quote  printed across the image. For instance: “all a girl wants is to be held tightly and told that you love her”. LIES, LIES, LIES! I don’t mean to come across as pessimistic or sour, I, myself am very much a romantic, but I mean seriously?! Or another example: “all girls want to be kissed passionately in the rain”, I agree, that many girls probably do want this, but I wouldn’t put it in a top ten of what all girls want.


Maybe I’m missing something ……..

As for twitter accounts such as “factsaboutgirls” “girlsquotes” and “allgirlswant”, personally I do not follow such accounts but I still come across them (retweeted by others) and I think to myself, “why do they make us seem so shallow/empty headed/relationship orientated”


so deep…

I have also noticed that the words of the artist Drake, has become almost as synonymous as the words of Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Helen Keller or Abraham Lincoln, etc. He says something and it becomes a “profound quote”, (obviously with a picture of him in the background).

All these pictures shout “look at me I’m so deep”, and if you need to shout that out, you are actually conveying the opposite message.

Even as I Googled this topic for ideas I only came up with lists of what girls want from a relationship/romantic/guy point of view, (as well as other really disturbing things).


every girl!

Here is a top 10 of what I think SOME girls want:

1)   To eat as much as they want and have a body that they see as perfect.

2)  To wash their hair without tons falling out or clogging the drain.

3)  To have hair free bodies and not have the worries of waxing, threading, shaving or lasering.

4)  Never to hear reasons like: “it’s not safe for you as a girl to go there alone”.

5)  The ability NOT to over analyse a situation.

6)  Never to experience jealousy.

7)  To be talented – sing, dance, artistic, play an instrument, be a human calculator or as flexible as a rubber band.

8)  Never to experience dermatological/weight issues.

9)  Not to have to live up to expectations from society/family/peers.

10)               And essentially everyone wants to just be happy!

So perhaps, a passionate kiss in the rain is something a lot of girls want, or to be doted on by someone who cares about them. This shouldn’t be all they want and people shouldn’t give the impression that’s all there is to them. Often we take the image society gives to us. Call someone “blonde” enough of times and they start actually being “blonde”. So don’t take the shallow image, we often have thrown at us wrapped in fake “deepness”. Be honest, be true, be YOU!

As the wise Dr Seuss said, “Today, you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Surely, he is a genius; otherwise he wouldn’t have a PhD…


Doctor indeed…….